A downloadable game for Windows

try a new development process,early development version, not final quality,using WASD to move,press E to used,have fun;)

Updated 14 days ago
Tags3D, First-Person, Horror, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Unreal Engine

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hotel.rar 386 MB


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This game made me poop!!

It's the 2nd (Second) game in my 3 Scary Games video

Check it out!

thanks for play! :p

This was very unsettling and I really love that about it! Would definitely be interested in what updates for this would look like. Starts at 16:47!

thanks for play! :p

what is this game am now scared

good game

thanks for play! :p

The hotel is a scary place

thanks for play . and have a nice day !  :p

honestly a nice little freaky game

thanks for play! and have a nice day ;P


i'm not trying to hate but is this a virus or a malware because my windows said that the game is trying to bypass the firewall

well, maybe you prevented a global crisis :p

Use Winrar it's better to do the downloading ther

Despite being a prototype, the game looks very promising. I can't wait for the full version.

thanks for play :p Please look forward to the upcoming official version, there will be more content, more complete story. :D

hey i like the idea. i want to no more about how this all happend. 

thanks for play :p Please look forward to the upcoming official version, there will be more content, more complete story. :D

Definitely a game that is worth keeping an eye out for. Though its a demo, it did give me quite a bit more entertainment than I expected, tho the point was surely missed on me. As far as killers go, this is probably my favorite! XD Please follow this dev to keep updated on any future news on the Hotel demo/ Looking forward to seeing the full game!

thank you for play! i also like your video :p

very good game. kinda short, but still awesome. didn't expect the ending lol. i hope to see that you will update it one day :)

btw if you are interested, here is video of your game:


Thanks for play , i think I'll update it , haha :D

Cool, let me know after you update it :)

Short but very sweet, gave me a few good scares thanks alot haha


:D thanks for play , have a good time :p

Hello. I played this game and I really enjoyed it, it was a short and sweet little game, the environment and sound effects were neat, good work :)

thanks for play my game,hope you have a good time :p

Whoa, this was surprisingly very creepy. Had a couple of jumpy moments here which made the whole creative atmosphere stand out. Loved that! Perhaps The camera movement could be scaled down a little bit, to maybe 3 or 2 in UE4 since it seemed a little sensitive. Alternatively add a sensitivity scaler in options. Can't wait to see the finished version!

XD thanks played my game ,thanks you suggest for this game,i have to make better content for the full version :)


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no problem,and thanks for played :)

Short but creepy found a bug at the end when you are getting chased it got stuck on the wall but you should be able to see it on the video.

thanks you suggest , yeah this is a known bug , but in full version you can't see that :) , thanks for played ! 

it seems that this bug may not come out. It is not a stable bug

big boobs is back :D again new creepy yeah

yeah ! XD XD

A very enjoyable little horror game! Keeps you going, WTF? up to the very end! I reccomend!

thanks you playing! ,but i see that some functions in the prototype are actually invalid, causing you not to have a complete game experience, sorry about this :(